Dream Interpretations – Food

psychicDream interpreters have different explanations to the many foods we see in our dreams. Dreaming about food may be a yummy and fun way to spend the eight hours of sleep we need everyday.

When dreaming about breakfast means that you are about to start a new stage in your life.  Eating breakfast means that a new phase is about to begin or you are getting ready to start one.  If you dream that you are eating bread means that you are looking for something basic.  It can also mean that you are looking at your positive qualities and the lessons you have learned thus far.

You can eat cake and dream about it too. Dreaming about buying cake means that you are accepting the rewards of your hard work.  Eating cake on the other hand may come to mean that you are over burdened with your work load and that you are looking to share this burden.  A half eaten cake means lost opportunities.

Chocolates are delicious but chocolates symbolize excess and the need to cut back on whatever it is that you often indulge in.  On the other hand chocolates can also mean that you are rewarding yourself.

Grapes are very good omens.  Grapes signify wealth and prosperity.  It means that you are finally getting the recognition for all the hard work you have been doing.  It means opulence and decadence.  It means that you have a lot to offer others.  To dream about picking grapes is even better. It mean great profit and the realization of your ambitions.

Dreaming about food in general signifies that you are looking for emotional or spiritual nourishment.  Hoarding food means that you fear feeling deprived.  Frozen foods connote your frigid emotions and stale food means that you are emotionally drained.  Bad tasting food mans that you resent or do not like somebody or the emotional state you are in.

Generally, fruits connote sensuality.  The apple for example symbolizes fertility, sexual appetite and lustful desires.  A banana on the other hand symbolizes repressed sexual urges.  The mango is another dream symbol that means sexuality, fertility and lust.  The pineapple can represent self-confidence and success but it can also mean that you are sexually unsatisfied.  Strawberries are temptations and is associated with feminine qualities and feminine sexuality.

Psychic Dream Interpretation of Money

psychicHas the current state of the US economy affected your dreams? You may not be alone as many people are thinking about money constantly especially because the US is still recovering from one of the worst recession in its history.

Psychic can interpret what our dreams about money mean. Dreaming about money does not automatically mean that we are going to have more money or lose money. In fact, Psychics say that money is a symbol of sexuality. Dreaming about money indicates the quest form love or power. Dreaming about winning some money means that your dream is within reach. It means that you are self confident and know your self-worth.

Dreaming that you are spending money means that you are searching for love. Meanwhile seeing other people give or spend money means that you are feeling alone or left-out. Hiding and hoarding money indicates selfishness and insecurity.


Many people dread losing money even in their dreams. Dreaming that you are losing money indicates problems at home or in the family. When you are dreaming that you have no money means that you fear losing your abilities or you are feeling ignored.

Psychics say that dreaming about stealing money is an omen of danger. They often advice their clients to be cautious. But stealing money can also mean that you are finally ready to take hold of your ambitions and feel bold and confident again.

Dreaming About Death

psychicAll people dream when they sleep. In fact, even blind people dream. According to psychics, dreams have hidden meanings. Dreaming about death is actually common.  Probably because all of us know that like taxes and change, death is inevitable.

There are many interpretations as to what death or dying means in dreams.  Most people think that dreaming about death means impending doom, however dreaming about death seems to be more about our feelings and emotions and what we really want in life before we die.

Dreaming about a relative or somebody close to us dying can be interpreted as the need to come to terms with our present feeling about dying.  Dreaming about death makes a person feel anxious, troubled, sad and even depressed.  Psychics see this as a sign that the person needs to come to terms with our current feelings towards dying and death.

Dreaming about a dead body or seeing a dead body in our dreams signifies the lost of opportunity or unexpressed potentials.  Psychics interpret this as our mind or spirit’s way of communicating that we need to explore potentials or recognize our feelings regarding lost opportunities.

How To Prepare A Tarot Deck For Reading

psychicTarot cards are perceived by many psychics as great tools for divination. Before a tarot card reader or psychic is able to do a reading they must first cleanse their tarot decks from negativity. A tarot card deck experiences negative energy when: it has been touched by another psychic, it has undergone a particularly draining session or if it has not been used for a long time. Similarly a new tarot deck or a second hand one will also need to be cleansed. Here are some popular ways psychics and tarot card readers cleanse their tarot decks.

  • Shuffling

A psychic or tarot card reader needs to shuffle the deck as many times it takes to make the deck feel comfortable again. Shuffling will help get rid of negative energy from the deck and make readings clearer or more valid.

  • Crystals

Crystals like Celestine will help it renew or re-charge. Place the crystal on top of the deck of cards for a couple of days.

  • Incense

Burn some incense and pass the tarot card decks over the smoke to release and cleanse the cards out of negative energy. Psychics can choose to pass the cards one at a time or the whole deck.

  • Moon Bath

The tarot card deck is lunar powered; this is according to psychics, tarot card readers and clairvoyants. Tarot card decks can be cleansed using a moon bath. The cards can be placed by the window sill under the light of the full moon. This will recharge and cleanse the tarot card deck.


Online Tarot Card Readings

psychicMany people are consulting psychics for self development, job seeking, romance and many other reasons. Psychics use a variety of tools in order to give advice about whatever it is the client wants to know. One of the most popular tools psychics use is the tarot card. This form of reading has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular forms of psychic readings.

Many people think that psychics practice some sort of magic. The fact is they don’t. They simply “read the signs”. A good example is tarot card reading. Tarot cards do not predict the future, instead they provide insight. A tarot card reading is like a story that can be interpreted and applied in your life in many ways. The reading can make decisions easier and open paths that you might not know you want to take. Every card drawn represents a personality, choice, event or attitude. By connecting the cards a person can interpret what they mean in relation to your life.

When a psychic conducts a tarot card reading properly, it can make big problems smaller. Psychics, through these readings can help you see the bigger picture. By scrutinizing your life after these readings you will know what steps to take or what to do.

During an online tarot card reading it is important to remember not to overly think or analyze the situation. When this happens you can get a wrong reading. However, the firs interpretation is not always the right one so you must focus and reflect on what it means or symbolizes. A card can have a negative and positive meaning this is why it is important to concentrate and reflect on the symbolism of the cards in your life.