(Psychic News) In Memoriam, Free Radical. Part II: Second Sight and Haze (Blogcritics.org)

The game’s premise (hero wakes up with extraordinary psychic abilities and no memory) was, unfortunately, something of a cliche even five years ago, especially since psychic powers themselves were a burgeoning trend at the time. The other main draw of the action was stealth, and as we all know, for a period of about 10 years, stealth was shoehorned into about every third game release. Though it’s now on the list of games I dearly wish I’d kept (and that’s a long list), I eventually traded it away, and based solely on the widespread availability of used copies and rapid price drop, so did virtually everyone else. For me, it was the lack of variation in replay, and especially the stealth segments (which stand out in my mind as being tedious and frustrating compared to everything else about the game) that led me to think I could do without it in my library. And, since I’m working from distant memory, I can’t dispute other complaints cited by reviews at the time, such as the gunplay rendering the powers redundant, or the easy replenishment of health and psychic power taking away from the overall challenge. The problem with game developers is that unless you are a rich dev, you rely on a publisher to pay for & distributed your wears & unfortunately that means if they are paying the bills they have an awful big say in what game you make, even if that changes the vision & overall feel of the game you so lovingly worked on. read more

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