Will You Get Your Money’s Worth With Psychic Source?

When you search for a psychic on the internet, Psychic Source comes up on top of the list of websites to choose from.  You might be wondering if this search is a true result considering that they show up consistently on top of various search engine rankings.  There is only one way to tell whether or not a website or service is as reliable and good as they say and this is to test the service yourself.

Psychic source has been around since the late 1980’s.  They have been on the internet for years.  They have numerous reviews posted about their website and service.   Some of them were all praises while others warned to stay clear of this company.  Mixed reviews such as these are good.  This means that you are cautious but at the same time curious as to how your readings will really come out.

The Pros

During your first visit, you will immediately notice that Psychic Source has a lot of psychics on their stable.  Because they are number 1, they have a lot of psychics applying and they are able to hire the best psychics who specialize in different forms of readings from the lot.  This also means that their service is high in demand as they are constantly expanding their services.

They also have very good guarantees.  They offer money back if a client feels that he or she is not satisfied with readings.  This is especially helpful to first time clients who are wary of spending money on something that they are skeptical about.  This is also a good way of showing good customer service.  Aside from the guarantee, Psychic Source has good rates.  Their $1 per minute reading is perhaps one of the lowest and most competitive pricing schemes in the whole industry.

The company has been around for approximately 20 years. This shows that they have a good reputation and a good number of satisfied clients as evidenced by testimonies of their services.

The Cons

Most of their resident psychics specialize in love and relationships.  This is good for people who come in for these types of readings.  But if you are looking for advice on finances, business or career and the like, Psychic Source has a limited number of psychics specialize in this area.

Because Psychic Source has a lot of clients, it is often hard to get into their phone service.  The lines are often jammed or busy.  Being put on hold can be irritating.  While they do have online reading service like email and chat, these are relatively new services compared to live phone readings.

The Verdict

Overall, Psychic Source is dependable and reliable.  If you are coming in for a first time reading then take advantage of their free service for first-timers.  Most of their psychics are friendly which is good for people who are intimidated with psychics.  With Psychic Source you are safe from fake psychics and psychic scams. They are a good choice for people looking for advice in life.

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One thought on “Will You Get Your Money’s Worth With Psychic Source?

  1. cape coral psychic readings

    “Psychic Source has been around for approximately 20 years” thats awesome to see someone in the industry really stand out and be blessed to have had the opportunity to help so many people for so long. “online reading service like email and chat” seem so impersonal and automated. I would much rather have the experiance of the meeting, the enviornment and truely have a “hands on reading” lol. Thanks for the review.

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