Pineal Gland and Third Eye: How to Develop “Conscious Self” Psychic Abilities


This expanded third edition of this popular professionally-crafted book takes you step-by-step into 15 PROVEN METHODS of activating your pineal gland to open your third eye. Included is a fascinating illustrated brief history of the third eye.

The book totally de-mystifies the third eye, reveals its true nature in the brain, and explains why it serves as the gate to our inner realms of higher consciousness. It even guides you to a great 9-minute video that gives you a DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS when you open your third eye.

This information-packed Kindle version has been re-formatted from a 108-page fully illustrated bound printed book. It is a lean, easy-reading, well-organized professional book that respects the challenges of Kindle reading, and is totally free of unnecessary “fluff filler.”

The author is a 45-year pioneer mind/brain researcher, doctor of psychology, and a metaphysician with a passionate interest in parapsychology and higher states of consciousness. She has personally experienced many remarkable altered states experiences.

This book is an invitation to expand beyond your everyday reality, and take a quantum leap into a higher state of conscious awareness. Major research studies are explored that prove at least 85% of us are capable of remote viewing, OBE, and other mysterious and exciting “altered states” experiences. A complete reference section is included, as are live links to additional valuable information.

One reader calls this book “The owner’s manual to your mind.” Why? Because you’ll SEE EXACTLY HOW to open yourself to exciting, mind-expanding higher states of consciousness. The author makes this so simple, you’ll immediately “get it.” You’ll even learn how this works in your brain, and discover practical ways to immediately use this information– whether you’re just curious about psi phenomenon, or want to experience altered states of reality.

The book even tells you exactly how to get your hands on an inexpensive “Pineal Gland-Third Eye Audio Collection” One of the downloadable MP3s shows you how to duplicate the amazing “balanced hemisphere” condition found in the brains of Tibetan monks who have meditated for 40 years, and have remarkable levels of conscious awareness.

List Price: $2.99

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