Psychic Seeing for Beginners: How to Use Clairvoyance to Guide Your Life (Soul Immersion Mini Series)

The gift of clairvoyance, or psychic seeing, is an innate ability available to anyone—the secret is in knowing how.

In this step-by-step Mini E-book, author and intuition expert Sara Wiseman explains the classic “rose” technique of psychic seeing, and shows you how to use it to see imagery and visions in your mind’s eye, make decisions based on the symbolism and energy the visions present, and delve further into the emotional or soul truth of situations, relationships and more.

This little book is designed to provide beginners with the core aspects of clairvoyance from a spiritual and intuitive perspective. It is a distillation of the most important concepts in clairvoyance, and is staring point for the reader to experience psychic seeing on his or her own.

Sara Wiseman is the author of Writing the Divine, Your Psychic Child and The Intuitive Path, and is well-known for her simple, modern approach to teaching psychic development. A popular speaker and presenter, she has worked with thousands of people in intuitive readings and training. For more information on her books, e-books, audio courses and more, visit

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