Psychic Dream Interpretation of Money

psychicHas the current state of the US economy affected your dreams? You may not be alone as many people are thinking about money constantly especially because the US is still recovering from one of the worst recession in its history.

Psychic can interpret what our dreams about money mean. Dreaming about money does not automatically mean that we are going to have more money or lose money. In fact, Psychics say that money is a symbol of sexuality. Dreaming about money indicates the quest form love or power. Dreaming about winning some money means that your dream is within reach. It means that you are self confident and know your self-worth.

Dreaming that you are spending money means that you are searching for love. Meanwhile seeing other people give or spend money means that you are feeling alone or left-out. Hiding and hoarding money indicates selfishness and insecurity.

Many people dread losing money even in their dreams. Dreaming that you are losing money indicates problems at home or in the family. When you are dreaming that you have no money means that you fear losing your abilities or you are feeling ignored.

Psychics say that dreaming about stealing money is an omen of danger. They often advice their clients to be cautious. But stealing money can also mean that you are finally ready to take hold of your ambitions and feel bold and confident again.

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