How To Do Telekinesis – The Power Of Mental Energy

If you want to learn how to do telekinesis, then read on. Almost everyone possesses the power if they will only learn to develop their skills. First let me explain what telekinesis really is. Telekinesis is the ability to use psychic power to literally move an object using the power of the mind. Mental rather than physical strength is required.

The first requirement is the ability to concentrate; this means concentrating on a deep level. Begin by finding a relaxing environment. Take some deep breaths to help clear your mind. When first starting, make concentration your only goal. Learn to concentrate before taking your ability to another level. Don’t expect immediate miracles. This is an art that requires practice.

Learning how to do telekinesis means developing the use of a part of your brain that is currently inactive. Much like exercise, practice will strengthen your mental ability. You are about to discover how much power your mind is capable of. Most people have no idea what can be done with the awesome power of the mind.

When you learn to concentrate then you are ready to go to the next step. Look for and feel the energy around you. It is there, you just have to find it. Explore that energy field. How does it feel, can you feel the strength? Keep doing this until you have a clear picture of the energy which is around you. Again, don’t expect immediate results, keep practicing until you are comfortable experiencing your energy field.


Now it is time to move on to that object. Start out with something small like a toothbrush or a pencil. Place that object in front of you so that you will be able to have a clear mental picture. Once you develop your skills you will be able to move objects that are further away. With your object in front of you, close your eyes and picture that object in your mind. Get a clear picture of the object and the energy surrounding it. Now picture that object moving. Think of a place about a foot away and picture that object in that place. Concentrate on the object in the new area; picture the energy that is now around the object in its new location.

Now open your eyes and see where the object is. To your surprise, you might find the object is no longer where you originally placed it. If the object has not moved, don’t get discouraged. You don’t build muscle after one exercise session and the same goes for your brain. You must practice doing this daily if you want to develop your full potential.

Learning how to do telekinesis on this small level can lead to bigger results. As your brain develops strength, so will your telekinesis powers. That toothbrush will become a hairbrush. The power is limited only by you and your belief in yourself.

Keep in mind it might take years to reach your full potential. With continued dedication and practice you might find you can even raise a window with the amazing power of your mind. Once you learn how much power your mind actually has you will truly enjoy the enrichment this can bring to your life.

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21 thoughts on “How To Do Telekinesis – The Power Of Mental Energy

  1. kristen

    i can make someones arms rise without touching them. its some type of telekenetic energy. what is this? i dont know how to move objects though yet

  2. grace

    I want to learn Telekinesis…actually I have some sort of psychic ability, which I can see future and past of the person…but sometimes I’m afraid to tell or show it..I still want to develop this skills I have..hope you can help me

  3. Jun

    I try Practice telekinesis …last to years.. ITs realy move the object..but i stop now cause it realy cause an headache..

  4. marlin

    I NEED HELP I have been practiceing and looking for a way that works for me but I have not found any please help me.

  5. Allis

    You people are not prepared to use this power.You humans are too primitive to understand this power.
    You will do much harm with it.

  6. Enio

    I am a beginner, i can just shake an object when i concentrate for a second, help me to move that object!!! pleasee

  7. nick l.

    there’s some really easy to do techniques. Try having a friend sit backwards in a chair with his/her shirt up or off to where you can see their skin take your dominate hand an’ move it around about 4 inches away from their back. that person will be able to feel your energy(ies) on their back without you EVEN touchin them, then there’s th’ tooth pick in th’ bowl of water. practice spinning it within th’ water w/o touching it. DON’T GIVE UP!!! KEEP TRY’N!!! If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again!!!! good luck!!!

  8. Ayumi Shimitake

    wow…i’v tries for about two weeks and i am able to move a toothpick! yes, i tis really small, but start out with that and keep practicing!!!

  9. Meg

    I do not think that we are ready to do these things. Many people do not understand it, and want this power just for fun. That is dangerous. I would like to know how to do this, but i’m not so sure it would be a good thing…

  10. your face

    Telekinesis is a part of our brain that we havent figured out how to use and it opens up a new world of things you can do. Dont use it for fun or for evil use it for good. Because a war is coming and telekinesis will help protect you and your family! No joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Michael

    The only way you can do to develope telekinetic abilities is to learn to concentrate, focus – a CLEARED MIND – clarity of thought. Suggestion: Get a plastic cup (Must be light) have a cleared table, Don’t allow yourself to be distracted, Sit in a very quiet setting. Set yourself time.
    1)Place plastic cup on table.
    2)Sit on a comfortable chair.
    3)Breath in and out, (with your eyes closed)
    4)Clear your mind – (Clarity of thought)
    5)Allow your eyes to become relaxed and prepare to focus.
    6) Set yourself between 5 to 10 Minutes, for this exercise. ( Once you get comfortable with the set time limit, you can increase if you what.)
    7)Set timer.
    8)Focus your eyes on a focal point on the cup and above all – KEEP YOUR EYES FOCUSED ON THAT ONE SPOT – DON’T MOVE YOUR EYES – STAY FOCUSED. – (Don’t get discouraged it’s going to take time, there’s no need to rush.)
    9) When the timer goes off – REST.

    Good Luck.

  12. marc

    hmmm… i am very skeptical, do not get me wrong, I would do anything to become something better then I am. As a perfectly normal human, life sucks. I do not want anymore bs, just something that can allow me to be different. Does anyone else truly believe this can work?

  13. Kody

    I can kind of feel the energy around me but I just can’t get it to move.
    Although I think I’m almost there.

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