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Getting In Touch With Your Psychic Eye

Most people think of psychics as having this third eye or psychic eye that allows them to see things beyond the physical realm.  Through the use of this eye, they are able to predict the future and discern messages from the spirits.  Some say that a psychic is born gifted while others feel that psychic abilities can be developed through training.

It is widely believed that all of us posses this psychic eye.  Some people call these “gut feelings”, “intuition” or “instinct”.  However it is called, most of us have felt this “I just know” feeling from time to time.

Sigmund Freud said that our dreams are manifestations of our wants and desires.  They are the sub-conscious’ way of communicating to the conscious mind.  In a psychic point of view dreams can have different meanings and are subject to interpretation.  Dreams they say, have a connection to our psychic eye.

While it is possible to open your psychic eye, it does not happen overnight.  It is a learning process that can unlock one’s ability to see beyond the norm and get in touch with higher psychic energy.   In most people the psychic eye is inactive. This is because of other factors like stress, mental, physical and emotional components of the individual and even culture.  In order to fully open the psychic eye, one needs to free themselves of these obstacles and to focus on the opening of their psychic abilities.

The correct mindset is needed in order to fully utilize one’s psychic abilities.  If you think, feel and act as if you are psychic, then there is a possibility of becoming one because tapping into psychic resources often takes mental concentration.  If you believe, the more you will trust your feelings and intuitions.

Studying psychic instruments such as Astrology, Psychometry, Palmistry, oracles, numerology and the like can increase your psychic ability.  These are usually good tools that can help you pick up psychic energy and vibe and help increase intuition.  These are also ancient arts that have been around for generations and have been used by countless psychics.

Pay attention to your dreams.  Scientists say that dreams are just regurgitations of the day’s events, but to psychics, they hold very important meanings.  These meanings may vary according to interpretation but the fact remains that dreams can hold important clues and messages that can help a psychic discern hidden meanings and messages.  Make a journal and take note of your dreams and the happenings in your daily life.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle will also help develop your psychic eye. Stressful lifestyle can lead to poor judgment.  This is why it is always important to be well rested to keep in tune with your natural psychic energy.

Most importantly, be patient.  Developing the psychic eye takes years to perfect and a long time to master.  It takes patience and perseverance to become a true psychic.  Once you have opened your psychic eye, you are now open to new possibilities, you are in a higher plane of learning and balance.