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Dream Interpretations – Food

psychicDream interpreters have different explanations to the many foods we see in our dreams. Dreaming about food may be a yummy and fun way to spend the eight hours of sleep we need everyday.

When dreaming about breakfast means that you are about to start a new stage in your life.  Eating breakfast means that a new phase is about to begin or you are getting ready to start one.  If you dream that you are eating bread means that you are looking for something basic.  It can also mean that you are looking at your positive qualities and the lessons you have learned thus far.

You can eat cake and dream about it too. Dreaming about buying cake means that you are accepting the rewards of your hard work.  Eating cake on the other hand may come to mean that you are over burdened with your work load and that you are looking to share this burden.  A half eaten cake means lost opportunities.

Chocolates are delicious but chocolates symbolize excess and the need to cut back on whatever it is that you often indulge in.  On the other hand chocolates can also mean that you are rewarding yourself.

Grapes are very good omens.  Grapes signify wealth and prosperity.  It means that you are finally getting the recognition for all the hard work you have been doing.  It means opulence and decadence.  It means that you have a lot to offer others.  To dream about picking grapes is even better. It mean great profit and the realization of your ambitions.

Dreaming about food in general signifies that you are looking for emotional or spiritual nourishment.  Hoarding food means that you fear feeling deprived.  Frozen foods connote your frigid emotions and stale food means that you are emotionally drained.  Bad tasting food mans that you resent or do not like somebody or the emotional state you are in.

Generally, fruits connote sensuality.  The apple for example symbolizes fertility, sexual appetite and lustful desires.  A banana on the other hand symbolizes repressed sexual urges.  The mango is another dream symbol that means sexuality, fertility and lust.  The pineapple can represent self-confidence and success but it can also mean that you are sexually unsatisfied.  Strawberries are temptations and is associated with feminine qualities and feminine sexuality.

How To Develop Psychic Powers – The Power Of Concentration

Welcome to the world of psychic power. Your journey will be an enlightening one. Almost everyone possesses the ability to develop psychic powers. The key to unleashing that ability is learning to concentrate. Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted. Get comfortable; take some deep breaths to help clear your mind of clutter. You are about to embark on an amazing journey.

You must first believe in yourself and the psychic world. You must allow your mind to absorb the energy around you then you must understand what that energy is saying to you. Everybody emits an energy field which consists of their thoughts and moods. When you learn to read that energy field you will have the power to interact with that person on a spiritual level.

Do you ever get the feeling that you have experienced an event before but you can’t quite remember when? Have you ever heard a loved one call your name then you later learn that your loved one was in trouble at that time? Many people are confused when these events take place, not understanding the importance of what is happening to them.

When you develop your psychic powers you will learn that you have an energy that transcends time and space. You can use that energy to enrich your life and the lives of those around you. You will be able to know when someone is in trouble and in need of help. You will also know when someone is feeling joy and you can experience that joy with them.

psychic power

To begin, close your eyes and rid your mind of all the clutter you have accumulated. Picture a peaceful scene in your mind. It might be a garden scene or it might be the ocean waves crashing on the sand. Now take yourself there. Picture yourself actually walking through that garden or along that beach. This might take a little while but with practice you will be able to go to your place immediately.

Once you get to your peaceful place it is time to proceed further. Think about your best friend. What is your friend doing right now? Is your friend at peace or is something bothering them? Try taking your concentration to a deeper level and see if you can get inside your friend’s mind. Make a mental note to call your friend later and let them know what you found.

When you learn how to develop psychic powers you will eventually be able to see what is going on within a stranger’s mind. Your friend was easier because you knew something about them but when you continue to strengthen your psychic energy you will possess the ability to read the energy which surrounds anyone you meet.

This is basic information for the beginning student. Developing psychic powers takes time and a lot of practice. Much like playing the piano, practice will improve your ability. Once you learn how to develop psychic powers you will find that you have an endless opportunity.

It’s really up to you to develop your psychic abilities further, so take a look – this will help you.

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