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Will You Get Your Money’s Worth With Psychic Source?

When you search for a psychic on the internet, Psychic Source comes up on top of the list of websites to choose from.  You might be wondering if this search is a true result considering that they show up consistently on top of various search engine rankings.  There is only one way to tell whether or not a website or service is as reliable and good as they say and this is to test the service yourself.

Psychic source has been around since the late 1980’s.  They have been on the internet for years.  They have numerous reviews posted about their website and service.   Some of them were all praises while others warned to stay clear of this company.  Mixed reviews such as these are good.  This means that you are cautious but at the same time curious as to how your readings will really come out.

The Pros

During your first visit, you will immediately notice that Psychic Source has a lot of psychics on their stable.  Because they are number 1, they have a lot of psychics applying and they are able to hire the best psychics who specialize in different forms of readings from the lot.  This also means that their service is high in demand as they are constantly expanding their services.

They also have very good guarantees.  They offer money back if a client feels that he or she is not satisfied with readings.  This is especially helpful to first time clients who are wary of spending money on something that they are skeptical about.  This is also a good way of showing good customer service.  Aside from the guarantee, Psychic Source has good rates.  Their $1 per minute reading is perhaps one of the lowest and most competitive pricing schemes in the whole industry.

The company has been around for approximately 20 years. This shows that they have a good reputation and a good number of satisfied clients as evidenced by testimonies of their services.

The Cons

Most of their resident psychics specialize in love and relationships.  This is good for people who come in for these types of readings.  But if you are looking for advice on finances, business or career and the like, Psychic Source has a limited number of psychics specialize in this area.

Because Psychic Source has a lot of clients, it is often hard to get into their phone service.  The lines are often jammed or busy.  Being put on hold can be irritating.  While they do have online reading service like email and chat, these are relatively new services compared to live phone readings.

The Verdict

Overall, Psychic Source is dependable and reliable.  If you are coming in for a first time reading then take advantage of their free service for first-timers.  Most of their psychics are friendly which is good for people who are intimidated with psychics.  With Psychic Source you are safe from fake psychics and psychic scams. They are a good choice for people looking for advice in life.

How To Do Psychic Readings – The Underestimated Power

You’ve probably been to a psychic at one time in your life and left wondering how they did it. The truth is they possess a skill that is inherent in almost everybody. The difference is they have developed their skill by continued practice and use. You too can learn how to do psychic readings if you are willing to devote the necessary time it takes to develop your psychic skills.

You must first believe in the psychic ability. You must allow your mind to seek and understand the energy fields around it. Many people fear this power and suppress it. When you first begin, try holding an object that belongs to a member of your household. Concentrate on the feel of that object; see if you can feel the energy of the object’s owner.

Once you are able to feel this energy, allow yourself to read this energy field. Tell that person what you see surrounding them. Ask them questions so that you can begin to understand what you are seeing. You will soon be able to see determine when they are feeling bad or have something weighing heavy on their mind. Once you have reached this point you can offer guidance to help that person overcome their negative energy field. You should know how to do psychic readings before you attempt to help strangers. If you have developed your ability you should be able to read the energy surrounding that person. Tell them what you see. If they are worried about something, you should focus on that worry. Engage them in conversation about what is bothering them and offer to help them work through this. Facing a problem is the first step to the solution.

psychic power

You can make your subject feel comfortable by talking to them about their family or their hobbies. If they have pets you can get them to talk about them. Your psychic power will allow you to see these things without being told. By getting your subject to talk about these pleasant things they will feel better about allowing you to discuss their more private thoughts.

When you learn how to do psychic readings you will literally be able to look into someone’s soul. What you see may not always be good. You have to learn how to deal with the dark side as well as the light side. You must be careful when talking about negative energy. It is important that you not cause your subject great fear; instead help them to understand what is happening and how to deal with it in a positive manner.

An accomplished psychic will be able to take a negative energy field and turn it into a positive simply by using the power of their mind. If you see a negative energy field it might be best if you change the course of the field instead of telling your subject about it. Once your subject feels fear it may cause more harm.

When doing a psychic reading it is important for your subject to understand that you cannot perform miracles. Instead, you can help them get in touch with their inner feelings and choose the right path to deal with those feelings.

Learning how to do psychic readings is an art that you must develop over time. Practice developing this art everyday. Don’t take advantage of people by trying to fool them. When you open your mind and allow yourself to be led you will be able to see and feel the energy fields around you. Understanding comes with embracing these fields.

For an enlightening revelation, you can also approach live psychics for advice on life, relationship, work and many other aspects.

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Dreams – Exploring Your Pyschic Abilities

Dreams have different meanings to everybody.  Some say that they are our hidden desires, our deepest emotions and others believe that they show glimpses of our inner eye or our pyschic abilities.   Some modern day pyschic put themselves in dream like states in order to do readings.

People used to believe that dream interpretation began with Sigmund Freud.  This is not true.   Finding the meaning of dreams has begun as far back as the Ancient times.  The ancient held a fascination for dreams even before Freud came along.  A “Dream Book” was discovered during this ear which recorded a compilation of dreams and their interpretations as far back as Ramses II reign over Egypt.  The Egyptians believed that dreams were communications from the gods and that answers can be found when sleeping in certain temples or burning offering to appease the divine.

The Greeks also believed that dreams were a form of communication from the gods and performed elaborate rituals in order to induce dreams.  They would abstain from sex and eating meat for 48 hours.  They also only drank water and would sacrifice an animal to the god they wanted to dream about.  The hopeful dreamer would then lie on the skin of the animal he sacrificed and spent the night at the temple of the god in the hopes that he would be visited in his dreams.

The Indians of Guiana dreams are what his soul experiences when it leaves the body to wander as he sleeps.  The soul returns to the body before he wakes.  This is why it is forbidden in their culture to paint the face of a man while sleeping lest he confuses the soul.

The Aborigines of Australia seek the aid of dreams to communicate with their dead.  They would sleep in the burial cave in order to induce dreams about their ancestors.

Different cultures have different view point on dreams.  It is clear however, that even during the olden days, man has sought the aid of dreams as a form of communication with the gods, spirits or their ancestors.  For these people, dreams are one of the basic forms of pyschic abilities which they use in order to answer day to day questions or to help guide them in life.

Even today, dream interpretation depends upon pyschic abilities and culture.  Different psychics have different ways of interpreting dreams because they have different meanings to the dreamer.  Culture also plays a big role in dream interpretation as symbolism also differs from culture to culture.

In our modern world, we need not visit temples or kill animals for sacrifices in order to have that psychic connection. And even though we visit people with pyschic abilities to help us discern the meaning of dreams, technology has made communication easier.  Aside from this, we have websites, books and magazine dedicated to discerning the meaning of dreams.  Dreams have fascinated our ancestors the world over and even scholars like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.  Is it any wonder that dreams continue to fascinate us until today?

Know Your Pyschic: Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was an American psycic born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1877 to farming parents.  He was a devout Christian and a member of the Followers of Christ.  He had to stop school before he could enter the 9th grade due to financial difficulties encountered by his family.  He was able to channel his psychic abilities by putting himself in a self-induced trance.

Cayce first discovered his ability when he was struck by laryngitis during his 20’s which resulted in his inability to speak.  Unable to work, he moved in with his parents for almost a year.  Soon after recovering, he decided to take up photography since this occupation allowed him to conserve his voice. He apprenticed at the photography studio of W.R. Bowles in Hopkinsville.

A stage hypnotist by the name of “Hart – The Laugh Man” came to Hopkinsville and offered Cayce treatment for his laryngitis.  Cayce accepted and the experiment happened live in front of an audience.  Amazingly, Cayce’s voice returned to normal while during hypnosis, however it disappeared upon waking up.  Hart tried posthypnotic suggestions but was unsuccessful.

Hart had other appointments in different cities so he could not continue with Cayce’s treatment.  Local hypnotist Al Layne offered to cure Cayce instead.  He asked Cayce to describe the nature of his ailment and cure while in a hypnotic state.  After 20 minutes, Cayce declared himself to be cured and his voice returned to normal.  According to the readings, Cayce suffered from relapses but was cured using the same method.  After several treatments, the cure was deemed to be permanent.

Layne had read of hypnotic treatments similar to Cayce’s.  He was keen to explore the idea and convinced Cayce to offer his trance healing to the public.  Reports of Cayce’s work soon gained favor and his healing abilities soon appeared in newspapers.

Edgar Cayce has been referred to as a psychic, clairvoyant, seer, and a prophet.   He started his readings lying down and entering a trance like state at the request of a subject.  He would then be given the subject’s questions and the reading would proceed.  The questions would usually center on health and personal problems but later on, they included past lives, business advice and dream interpretations.

After emerging from a trance after a reading, Cayce would remark that he could not remember what he said.  This according to him is because the unconscious mind has access to information the conscious mind cannot.

Cayce was frequently asked to interpret dreams but he did not support Sigmund Freud’s theories on dream interpretation.   He stated that dreams had many levels and can be interpreted in different ways depending on the dreamer.  Dreams he said were personal and that interpretation of the dream itself can only be done by the dreamer since these dreams hold significant meanings known only to the dreamer.  According to Cayce, to correctly interpret a dream, it has to make sense to the dreamer first.

Today, supporters of Cayce’s psychic abilities and healing methods preserve his work through the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) which Cayce founded in 1931.  The organization aims to explore subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation.  Their headquarters is located at Virginia Beach, Virginia where they continue to help change lives for the better through the use of Cayce’s ideas and information found through his readings.

Psychic Test – Developing Your Abilities Online

Do you feel as if you have some insight to the unknown? Do you think that you have abilities beyond the norm? Then perhaps you have hidden psychic abilities. Believe it or not, there are online psychic tests that you can take that determine and develop your psychic abilities.

Studies from reliable institutions such as Princeton University and Duke University have revealed that people have an inane ability to psychically discern information about events and objects of which they have no previous knowledge of. This can sometimes be explained as “gut feelings”, “intuitions” or “instinct” but they are present in all of us. It doesn’t matter if these objects or events are far away, there are just instances wherein we get the feeling that we just “know”.

Online psychic test will not make you a psychic, but it can help you train or develop these hidden psychic abilities. These sites will usually give a person a mark or target to practice on. In some of these websites, they consist of a series of test such as guessing which shape will come after a set. Some tests refine concentration skills.

The psychic test’s aim is to develop one’s ability to tap into the sub-conscious mind. These tests will improve communication with the spirit world and discerning the hidden messages in visions or dreams. A lot of people have psychic abilities but they usually put it down to coincidence or luck. With regular tests and meditation, people can develop and master the ability to “see” with their minds.
Some psychics are born with the gift while others discover and develop their talents later in life. Some people also believe that these talents are untrue and ignore their gifts. This is because people perceive psychics differently from culture to culture.

We are all familiar with psychics who use tarot cards to foretell the future. But the different psychic tests will also help develop the other ways of seeing into the future or reading hidden messages. There are also different ways of coming to contact with a spiritual source. Some people go into a trance; some are able to do readings via hypnosis, while others use numerology and astrology to help them out. Different training develops the different ways of discerning messages and establishing contact.

There are people who are suspicious of psychics, and rightfully so. Some psychics can only claim to be psychics. Also, a lot of people have been impersonating psychics as it is a good way of making money. Psychic scams have been happening during the olden days with fake fortune tellers and it is still happening even today. Is it any wonder that those who have the ability want to develop their own talents?

In the ancient times, psychics were thought of as the earthy connection for the gods. Their aid was sought because they had the power to communicate to the spirits. In a sense they were go-betweens between the physical world and the spiritual one. Psychics are highly revered. Developing abilities through online psychic tests is not only a big help to one’s self but it can be a good service to one’s community as well.