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Dreaming About Death

psychicAll people dream when they sleep. In fact, even blind people dream. According to psychics, dreams have hidden meanings. Dreaming about death is actually common.  Probably because all of us know that like taxes and change, death is inevitable.

There are many interpretations as to what death or dying means in dreams.  Most people think that dreaming about death means impending doom, however dreaming about death seems to be more about our feelings and emotions and what we really want in life before we die.

Dreaming about a relative or somebody close to us dying can be interpreted as the need to come to terms with our present feeling about dying.  Dreaming about death makes a person feel anxious, troubled, sad and even depressed.  Psychics see this as a sign that the person needs to come to terms with our current feelings towards dying and death.

Dreaming about a dead body or seeing a dead body in our dreams signifies the lost of opportunity or unexpressed potentials.  Psychics interpret this as our mind or spirit’s way of communicating that we need to explore potentials or recognize our feelings regarding lost opportunities.