Are Expensive Psychics More Accurate?

psychicHow much does a good psychic cost? What is the fair price for a psychic reading? Why are psychics expensive? How come celebrity psychics are more expensive?

As we all know, psychic readings can be costly. The cost usually depends on the type of reading you have and how long the session lasts. However many are asking if you can get an accurate reading at a fair price. When it comes to psychics, it literally pays to know what you are getting before starting a reading.

The truth is accuracy of the readings depend on the psychic. Why? Because there are many psychics out there who are only in it to make money. There are also online psychics that charge exuberant amounts because they are selling convenience. Generally speaking, when it comes to prices, higher prices usually mean less value and less accuracy. For psychics, the law of diminishing returns applies.

The priciest psychics usually charge way more than their peers. However, the truth is a $500 reading will yield the same as a $50 reading with less risk to the client. Why do they charge more? According to these psychics they charge more because they offer “guarantees” and entertainment. If the reading fizzles rather than dazzles they offer other services to make up for their lack luster performance.

But our advice to those seeking psychic help is to find one that you trust. Ask recommendations and look for somebody who offers a free first time reading. This is to make sure that you are comfortable with the psychic and the method being used. Stick with psychics who offer good incentives and rates. Best off all, challenge them to put their money where their mouth is. Ask them for a money-back guarantee.

There are many good and accurate psychics out there. The challenge is to find somebody trustworthy and affordable. Psychics can offer good advice and guidance so make sure to find someone you are comfortable with and are confident in.





How To Develop Psychic Abilities

horoscopeWho loves the idea of becoming a psychic? What if we were to tell you you’re already psychic? The truth is many of the extra-ordinary abilities psychics possess are already hard-wired into our bodies.  The good news for those interested in harnessing the full potential of their psychic abilities is that there are easy ways to do so. Check out these tips below.


Meditation is a critical cornerstone when developing psychic abilities. Learning to meditate and open your “inner eye” is important. It allows intuition to expand and help develop perception of energies in the atmosphere that our conscious minds naturally tune out.

When developing psychic abilities it is important to look at it as “normal” and not a paranormal gift. It is part of life and the fabric of reality. Meditation should help make psychic abilities normal and not a carnival act or clairvoyance like those we see on TV.

Get Exposure & Experience

Always keep learning. There are many resources in the physical world and in the internet when it comes to psychics and psychic abilities. Aside from this there are communities with like minded people who convene, communicate and learn from each other. Interacting with them can help expand your horizons and develop psychic abilities.


There are many ways of practicing psychic abilities. You can start with mirror gazing, tarot card reading and even aura reading. You can practice on yourself and as your confidence grows you can move up to friends or family members who are willing. The more you practice the faster you will develop and enhance psychic abilities.

The key to psychic power development is to open the mind to possibilities If the mind is closed it would be hard to develop these abilities. New ideas, techniques and methods can be learned only if the mind is willing. When the mind is open and free to learn you can be astounded as to the things ready for discovery.

Psychic Reading Through Phone

psychicThe psychic world has embraced the modern world and now offers a more convenient way to do readings. Psychic readings through phone, tarot card reading via video chat, spiritual healing through phone and dream interpretation through email are just some of the modern ways psychics now serve their clients.

Because many psychics have developed the ability to perform specific tasks using remote clairvoyance, they are now using modern concepts and are using technology to reach more people. With the use of modern communication they are able to resolve paranormal issues, perform readings and even help a person with his spiritual healing.

Psychics usually offer free or paid services. The best way to avail of their services is to visit their website. There you can choose which type of communication method you prefer or service you require. Clients are usually asked to sign up. From there clients are then sent instructions as to how readings or services will proceed. During a psychic phone reading, a psychic will ask clients over the phone questions regarding his or her situations. In some cases, ID pictures or photographs of the palm are requested in order to establish a deeper connection. Some psychics will include free horoscope reading, numerology or dream interpretation during their sessions.

Telephone, email or video chat readings have become popular over the years because they are more convenient and comfortable compared to actually visiting a psychic.

While first sessions are usually free, succeeding sessions are charged per minute. One of the most important thing to remember when consulting a psychic online or via internet is to always take note how much time has passed. List down your questions before calling because psychics charge by the minute.

It is quite normal to be skeptical of psychics. There are many fake psychics who dupe people out of their money online. The best way to avoid frauds like these is to call a reputable psychic or psychic company. You can ask recommendations from family or friends or you can do some research before hiring them.

Take a look at their website and take a look at their testimonials. Verify if what they are claiming is true by asking for phone numbers or email addresses of their past clients. If they are willing to give you this, then the psychic or company has nothing to hide. Conduct a short interview of their past client and ask for an honest feedback.  If people are willing to recommend their services then chances are, you’ve found a good psychic.

Different Psychic Mediums

Psychics use different mediums to “intuit” the future. Some of the most common are crystal balls, energy cards, tarot cards and palm readings. Psychics use these different mediums to understand people’s problems and then suggest solutions to these problems.

Tarot Cards

This entails the use of tarot cards to advise options to a person’s problems. A tarot card is made up of a deck of 78 cards, divided into two sections- significant arcana and small arcana. A seeker who wants alternatives to his problems shuffles these cards and cuts them. The psychic or reader then arranges these cards in a pattern known as the spread. Just as each and every card has its meaning, the placement of your card inside the pattern also has a corresponding meaning. It is the job from the psychic to mix these two after which recommend answers to the seeker. Even though the cards are open to interpretation, and it’s possible to create numerous stories making use of the figures inside the cards, the Reader chooses just one interpretation and this could be the one particular which is most fitted to the seeker. This is where the psycic acts like a medium in decoding the subconscious of the person.

Palmistry or Palm Reading

This medium involves reading the lines of the palm and interpreting their meanings. The objective of the psychic in this medium is to evaluate a person’s character or future using the lines on one’s palm. Since the lines of the palm change throughout life it is beneficial for those who believe in this art to get readings from time to time.

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What about reversed cards?
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Daily Prediction
Keep It Simple
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