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Dreams – Exploring Your Pyschic Abilities

Dreams have different meanings to everybody.  Some say that they are our hidden desires, our deepest emotions and others believe that they show glimpses of our inner eye or our pyschic abilities.   Some modern day pyschic put themselves in dream like states in order to do readings.

People used to believe that dream interpretation began with Sigmund Freud.  This is not true.   Finding the meaning of dreams has begun as far back as the Ancient times.  The ancient held a fascination for dreams even before Freud came along.  A “Dream Book” was discovered during this ear which recorded a compilation of dreams and their interpretations as far back as Ramses II reign over Egypt.  The Egyptians believed that dreams were communications from the gods and that answers can be found when sleeping in certain temples or burning offering to appease the divine.

The Greeks also believed that dreams were a form of communication from the gods and performed elaborate rituals in order to induce dreams.  They would abstain from sex and eating meat for 48 hours.  They also only drank water and would sacrifice an animal to the god they wanted to dream about.  The hopeful dreamer would then lie on the skin of the animal he sacrificed and spent the night at the temple of the god in the hopes that he would be visited in his dreams.

The Indians of Guiana dreams are what his soul experiences when it leaves the body to wander as he sleeps.  The soul returns to the body before he wakes.  This is why it is forbidden in their culture to paint the face of a man while sleeping lest he confuses the soul.

The Aborigines of Australia seek the aid of dreams to communicate with their dead.  They would sleep in the burial cave in order to induce dreams about their ancestors.

Different cultures have different view point on dreams.  It is clear however, that even during the olden days, man has sought the aid of dreams as a form of communication with the gods, spirits or their ancestors.  For these people, dreams are one of the basic forms of pyschic abilities which they use in order to answer day to day questions or to help guide them in life.

Even today, dream interpretation depends upon pyschic abilities and culture.  Different psychics have different ways of interpreting dreams because they have different meanings to the dreamer.  Culture also plays a big role in dream interpretation as symbolism also differs from culture to culture.

In our modern world, we need not visit temples or kill animals for sacrifices in order to have that psychic connection. And even though we visit people with pyschic abilities to help us discern the meaning of dreams, technology has made communication easier.  Aside from this, we have websites, books and magazine dedicated to discerning the meaning of dreams.  Dreams have fascinated our ancestors the world over and even scholars like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.  Is it any wonder that dreams continue to fascinate us until today?